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Work opportunities

Work contract details

Independent contractors who contract their services with GWTS are required to meet the business and other licensing requirements according to the role they will be playing. They must also maintain appropriate types and levels of insurance coverage.

Independent contractors who are procured will enter into written Independent Contractor Agreements with GWTS. Each has the flexibility to perform similar or other services for third parties as well as to set individual hours, priorities, and schedules.

Independent Contractors are not employees of GWTS and are classified as self employed. Independent Contractors are not eligible for employee benefits and will not receive full-time workloads. Payments is made on a monthly basis.  Each order fee varies, based on the complexity and time necessary to complete the each work order.

Job seeking

GWTS is seeking independent contractors interested in opportunities to provide support to overseas projects.

Specifically, contractors with experience in

  • Welding inspection
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Expertise in NDT
  • Pipe work including hydraulics and pneumatics
  • Installation of machinery
  • Quality Control positions

Applicants should have at least 4 years minimum in the field applying for.

Good command of English in writing, reading and communication

Ability to read and understand technical drawings

Understanding the use of standards

Basic computers skills relating to Microsoft office and the ability to adapt to our clients in-house systems

Please contact us for more details.