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Standards provide:

Safety and reliability – Adherence to standards helps ensure safety, reliability and environmental care. As a result, users perceive standardized products and services as more dependable – this in turn raises user confidence, increasing sales and the take-up of new technologies.
Support of government policies and legislation – Standards are frequently referenced by regulators and legislators for protecting user and business interests, and to support government policies. Standards play a central role in the European Union's policy for a Single Market.
Interoperability – the ability of devices to work together relies on products and services complying with standards.
Business benefits – standardization provides a solid foundation upon which to develop new technologies and to enhance existing practices. Specifically standards:

  • Open up market access
  • Provide economies of scale
  • Encourage innovation
  • Increase awareness of technical developments and initiatives
  • Consumer choice - standards provide the foundation for new features and options, thus contributing to the enhancement of our daily lives. Mass production based on standards provides a greater variety of accessible products to consumers.

Consider what the world would be like without standards:

  • Products might not work as expected
  • They may be of inferior quality
  • They may be incompatible with other equipment – in fact they may not even connect with them
  • In extreme cases, non-standardized products may be dangerous
  • Customers would be restricted to one manufacturer or supplier
  • Manufacturers would be obliged to invent their own individual solutions to even the simplest needs, with limited opportunity to compete with others

Society needs standards!