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GWTS provides a full suite of services related to Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality, including Consulting, Auditing, Monitoring and Site Support in Australia, Middle East and ASIA Regions.

Lay The Foundations For A Safer Workplace

GWTS provides solutions, support and opportunity for organisations to establish positive and sustainable work health and safety practices that not only benefit their workers but also their business.

We provide successful solutions through aligning work health and safety objectives with your business or project objectives. Ensuring that our services are tailored to deliver the best possible outcome for your workers and your organisation, we provide flexible services and products to suit businesses of all sizes and capabilities.

We provide OHS compliance and systems support, onsite support such as safety advisors, auditors or administrators, OHS legal and regulatory compliance information, as well as OHS templates, plans, policies, procedures and reporting tools.

Contact us today for confidential chat about how we can help you achieve your work health and safety goals.

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