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Big River Steel (Arkansas)

GWTS was involved with the manufacturing of machinery for the Big River project for SMS-Group.
Big River Steel plans to produce hot strip in various grades as well as cold strip made of carbon steels and of non-grain oriented (NGO) silicon steel in the new steel mill. Non-grain oriented Si steel is used in electrical engineering applications, for example, for making rotating parts in motors. The continuous process route will produce hot-dip galvanized cold strip, including strip made of multi-phase steels. These products will be used in automotive applications, mainly for structural parts.

Supply scope of the SMS group:
- 150-ton electric arc furnace
- 150-ton ladle furnace with two treatment stations
- 150-ton RH-TOP plant
- Gas recovery system
- High-current system for the DC EAFs, including transformers
- Single-strand CSP® plant (expandable to two strands) with a six-stand rolling mill for a maximum strip width of 1,930 millimeters
- Coupled pickling line/tandem mill, including CVC® plus, hydraulic screwdown, multi-zone cooling, emulsion system and innovative fume extraction system
- Offline skin-passing mill (SPM) with 18 MN rolling force
- Inline skin-passing mill (ISPM)
- Continuous galvanizing line (CGL), including a Drever furnace, an ultra-fast cooling system for high-strength dual-phase grades and a FOEN air-knife system
- Batch-annealing furnace (BAF)
- X-Pact® electrical and automation systems.

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