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Our HSEQ Commitment

Core Values and Vision: Leadership in HSEQ is one of our Core Values. We strive to establish and maintain the best practice in the HSEQ culture throughout GWTS.


Our Vision is that GWTS will be one of the best in class in HSEQ in the world-wide industry with zero injury to people and no damage to the environment. To achieve this we will work together and take responsibility for the Health, Safety, Security of ourselves and others, to minimize our impact on the Environment and ensure best Quality in products and services.


We believe that all incidents can be avoided. Making a difference in HSEQ means:

• Living our HSEQ commitment on a 24/7 basis
• Preventing incidents with the potential of causing injuries and ill health
• Acting in a safe and responsible manner
• Leading by example and promoting trust
• Intervening and welcoming intervention from others
• Stopping any unsafe  activity or where control is being lost
• Accept responsibility for our actions
• Achieving continual improvement
• Complying with all applicable legal and other requirements


Key companywide focus areas have been identified for monitoring HSEQ performance and achieving continual improvement.

• Avoid fatal and major incidents
• Reduce personal injury frequencies
• Improve risk management and reduce total risk exposure
• Increase HSEQ awareness and reduce unsafe behavior
• Increase focus on technical barriers and integrity

To achieve this we will identify, assess, mitigate and manage risks to employees, contractors and the environment. This commitment is recognized to be in the best interest of all GWTS stakeholders and is essential for the long term business success of the organization.

We believe that Health, Safety, Security, Quality and protection of the Environment are line management responsibilities fully endorsed and supported by senior management.